London - SoShiro Gallery

London - SoShiro Gallery

Nági Collective made its international debut with an exhibition at London's SoShiro Gallery, titled "The Sculpture Of Individual Stories And Journeys," from March 1st to 15th. This event marked a pivotal moment, showcasing an expanded 'Yuki' collection, including a standout piece in White Carrera, and unveiling our new collection, "The Nomad," inspired by Moroccan architecture and sculptures. The exhibition's opening was further enhanced by the flavors of Fevertree drinks.

The exhibition also featured a collaboration with Dutch artist Tessa Troelstra, whose work complemented the themes of exploration and individual narratives that define our collections. "The Nomad" and the expanded 'Yuki' series delve into the essence of personal and shared journeys, inviting viewers into a world of artistic storytelling that bridges cultures and experiences.

Our first international exhibition in London was not just an opportunity to showcase our work but a celebration of Nági Collective's growth and the exploration of new artistic frontiers. It was a moment of connection with an international audience, sharing our vision of art that resonates on both personal and universal levels. This milestone is just the beginning of our journey into the global art scene, and we look forward to future opportunities to share our stories and explorations with the world.

Click on the following links to see impressions of the event: Nági Collective Exhibition

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