In the silent ripples of Japanese mythology we find the roots of Nági Collective, sprung from the essence of Izanági, the god of creation and life. Just as Izanági shaped the world with his creative touch, Nági Collective embraces the power of art to weave stories and create timeless creations.

The meaning of Nági

- the the calm state of the sea, without any wind or waves.

It's more than a name; it is an invitation to slow down in the hectic rhythm of life. It reminds us, in the midst of chaos, to pause, return to ourselves and reflect on our own story and that of others.


At Nági we want to convey the message of paying attention to the unique stories that each of us carries. In the world we live in, where busyness and chaos often prevail, we encourage listening, understanding and recognizing the value of each individual and their unique journey. Because, like the sea without wind and waves, true calm can only be found when we take the time to pause and listen to the stories unfolding before us.